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The American Accent Audio Course Review

Are you a foreigner whom just seem to can’t shake off your accent when you are speaking English? Or are you just an English native speaker whom people always mistake for a person from another country just because you speak with a slang? If either of these sounds like you, then you probably have thought of trying to lose that accent which comes along with anything you speak with English.

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Even though speaking English with an accent is nothing be ashamed about, it can sometimes damage your self-confidence and self-esteem when people just can’t seem to understand what you are trying to say even when you are speaking perfect and complete English. They just can’t understand because of your accent! And this can sometimes prove to be a problem especially if you need to do a lot of presentations in English, or go for interviews in English speaking companies.

If you have always tried to lose your foreign accent and gain a proper American accent but to no avail, do not worry, for here is the perfect audio course for you – The American Accent Audio course.

You might be thinking – how is a simple audio course be able to help me change my foreign accent? Well, the American Accent Audio course is definitely far from being the old-fashioned kind of teaching pronunciation, for that will not help in most cases for people who want to lose their accent. Instead, the American Accent Audio course teaches one how to string and link the words properly so that you can speak them well enough.

In the American Accent Audio course, you will learn mainly three things about speaking the English language, and that is namely, the up and down sounds, which is also known as the intonation, the rhythm and timing, and also how to words are linked together naturally.

Upon purchasing the American Accent audio program, you will gain direct access to 24 audio courses which total up to around 16 hours in mp3. Apart from these audio courses, you will also get a workbook, manual and journal to help you along.

But do not think all you need to do is just purchase some audio course, sit back in the comfort of your own chair and you will lose your accent. This is not the case! Just like with everything else, losing your accent actually requires a bit of practice. The American Accent audio course just helps to speed things up for you by teaching you certain tips and techniques which will be able to help you remember the flow of the English language in a much better way!

If you are trying to lose your accent and do not have a clue on how to do so, then you really ought to check out the official American Accent Audio Course website today!

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Synergy Spanish Review

If you have somehow landed on this page, you are probably quite interested in learning Spanish and have heard of the special approach that the Synergy Spanish system is using in order to help one learn the Spanish language effectively and fluently. The most special and unique thing about this particular course is that the author, Marcus Santamaria, claims that one is able to master the Spanish language with just 138 different Spanish words.

Synergy Spanish teaches Spanish based on a methodical approach rather than a systematic one, as it teaches based on patterns and a special memory technique which can only be found inside the course itself, as it only pertains towards the Spanish language.

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Synergy Spanish e-book – The Pros

As we all know, the Spanish language is something which is not easy to learn, especially if you are starting from scratch and have no background at all in the sister languages such as Portugese or Italian. Thus, with the Synergy Spanish system, you would be able to learn Spanish at a much enjoyable pace as the tedious effort of memorizing and rote learning is taken out of the equation.

To be honest, 138 words is not really a lot to memorize as compared to the vocabulary of over 1000 in some other languages such as Chinese, English or Japanese. What this means that one would not have to bring a thick Spanish dictionary wherever he goes, as compared to if he had learnt Spanish the proper and normal way.

This program may also be refreshing to people who have previously tried to take up the Spanish language but to no avail. As the Spanish language is pretty difficult, there is bound to be a few people who have dropped out from Spanish language classes, and this new course may be worth a look for them as it embraces a completely different approach towards learning Spanish.

Also, when you purchase this course, you gain access to the private e-mail of the creator of the course, Marcus Santamaria, and he will reply to any of your e-mails within 24 hours in a time span of 90 days after your purchase. After 90 days, of course he will still try his best to reply to your e-mails, but it might not be within 24 hours anymore.

Synergy Spanish Download – The Cons

As with any kind of language products under the Sun, there is nothing that is “one size fits all”, and Synergy Spanish is not any different. The main con of this program is that the teaching material is pretty thin and some people might feel that they are not getting their money’s worth, but the fact is that the true worth of this program is in the method that is being taught and the access to a private Spanish tutor whenever you need.

This Synergy Spanish book or course is also tailored towards people who are looking to travel to places like Spain for a holiday, and need to pick up the Spanish fast and just enough to hold a basic conversation. If you are looking for a more academic way to learn Spanish, then you might want to check out Rocket Spanish or hire a private Spanish Tutor.

Synergy Spanish Review – The Verdict

Personally, I have not tried out the Synergy Spanish pdf system for myself, so I am not able to comment much on this particular program. But from the customers I have seen who have bought this program, they seem to pretty happy, especially for those who have always struggled with the Spanish language for a long time.

The product also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, so there is definitely nothing to lose for you at all!

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Rocket Hindi Review

Rocket Hindi is the next instalment in the Rocket languages courses. If you have ever gotten any other Rocket language course, you will probably know the quality of these courses, and Rocket Hindi is not any different.

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The great thing about Rocket Hindi is that it allows people who want to learn Hindi to be able to do so from any part of the world, without the need to look for private Hindi tutors or private Hindi classes. As most of us know, Hindi is not really a very popular language, nor is it used very often, thus it is not that easy to find someone who is teaching the Hindi language, especially if you live in Western countries like Portugal or Spain.

But still, some of us might be forced to learn or pick up this particular language when we are sent to work in India or going there for a vacation, and that is where Rocket Hindi comes into play.

Rocket Hindi Review – The Pros

The great thing about Rocket Hindi is that it takes a very systematic approach towards learning the Hindi language. The student would first go through various Hindi conversations and scenarios which are meant to help him familiarize with the Hindi language, and then go through the basic grammar and sentence structure lessons, and then finally go through some games to test his understanding and how much he has progressed.

The Hindi language is something which is not very easy to learn, as it can sometimes be quite boring and repetitive, but Rocket Hindi takes the bore and pain out of the learning as it tries to incorporate fun and interaction over the course.

One would also be able to gain access to a private Rocket Hindi forum where there would be native Hindi speakers whom you can ask questions and interact with, or just practise the Hindi language with other students who are also learning the language.

Rocket Hindi Review – The Cons

As we all know, the Hindi language is not something that is easy to write, if you have ever seen any Hindi writing or Tamil newspaper before. Thus, Rocket Hindi is actually something which focuses more on the conversational aspect of the language, and helps you to be able to understand a conversation in Hindi, and allow you to speak proper sentences in Hindi.

But when it comes to the academic part, which is the writing and reading, Rocket Hindi is not that useful. Although it does go through the different alphabets and sounds of the Hindi alphabet, there is no way for the student to learn this properly other than to practise writing the language themselves.

Rocket Hindi Review – The Verdict

The main thing that attracted me to Rocket Hindi was definitely the cost. Hiring a private Hindi tutor is not going to be cheap, due to the fact that they know that there are high demands for them, as not really a lot of people teach the language nowadays. Therefore, apart from getting the whole course for that price, I would also actually be saving a lot of time and convenience of finding a proper Hindi tutor or class, and as they always say – Time is money.

Therefore, if you are looking for a good and easy way to learn the Hindi language, you ought to hesitate no more, and check out the official Rocket Hindi website today right now!

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Rocket Arabic Review

Arabic is not a very common language nowadays, which is why it is getting more and more difficult to look for private Arabic tutors or private Arabic classes, for the language is not as popular as some other languages such as Korean, Spanish or Chinese.

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But sometimes, you have no choice but to pick up the language, when you are planning to travel on a holiday to places like Egypt. I know, because I have been there before – I had a pretty hard time picking up the Arabic language because I couldn’t find anyone who was willing to teach it even though I had the cash and money to spend.

Thus, when a friend asked me for recommendations as he is going to Egypt for a vacation, I looked on the Web for various online Arabic learning programmes, and came across this Rocket Arabic language course which I found to be pretty good.

Rocket Arabic Review – The Pros

The great thing about the Rocket Arabic language course is that you will be able to learn the Arabic language in a very systematic approach. Firstly, you will go through various scenarios and conversations in audio, which is meant to help you familiarize with the language so that you would be able to absorb and speed up the learning curve later.

Next, you will be able to test your understanding through in-build games, which are definitely a pleasant surprise. This is because the Arabic language can be very boring to learn, especially the words which can sometimes can pretty repetitive and boring.

Lastly, there will be a MegaVocab software which will guide you through the different and various vocab and phrases that are used in the Arabic language. Of course, there are many more other special modules which I shall not cover in this particular review, or it will probably bore you to death.

Rocket Arabic Review – The Cons

As the saying goes, there is nothing that is perfect in this world, and Rocket Arabic is not any different. The main thing you ought to know about Rocket Arabic before purchasing is that it focuses more on the audio and conversational aspect of the language rather than the writing and reading part (i.e. the academic part). When you have completed all the modules in the Rocket Arabic course, you should be able to hold a proper conversation in Arab and be able to understand what other people are saying to you in the Arabic language. But, you should be prepared to know that you might not still be able to recognize and write various words and phrases, for the words and phrases are not that easy to memorize and require a lot more effort on your own.

Rocket Arabic Review – The Conclusion

For the price at which the Rocket Arabic costs, you really can’t beat it anywhere else. I would have gladly paid the price just to save myself the convenience of learning Arabic, as trust me – it is not easy to find a private Arabic tutor at all nowadays!

So if you are planning to visit countries like Egypt who uses the Arabic language or you just want to learn it for fun, you really ought to check out the Rocket Arabic language course today – or you might just regret it forever.

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Rocket Spanish Review

Learning how to become proficient in the Spanish language can really be a real challenge, if you have ever had any experience with this particular language before. Spanish is a beautiful, but complicated language to learn. Most people pick up Spanish as a 2nd choice, as it is an excellent choice for a second language, being used by close to 380 million people on this planet.

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What this means is that actually close to 6% of the world’s population use and speak the Spanish language, and that is actually quite a very huge percentage considering how many languages exist and after deducting the percentages of the two main languages, Chinese and English.

Since learning Spanish is quite difficult, it is almost close to impossible to learn this particular language on your own. Therefore, it is always to seek for professional help on how to learn this particular language, and after covering through so many various Spanish language courses, we have concluded that the best one has got to be Rocket Spanish.

What makes Rocket Spanish different from most other language courses

The approach that Rocket Spanish takes towards teaching its students the Spanish language is very special and unique. In most other language courses or classes, the teachers usually start with the very basic grammar and sentence structures. In Rocket Spanish though, it’s different – you are first required to go through interactive audio courses for the first module, where you would be going through the different scenarios and conversations such that you would be able to listen and speak at least a few simple Spanish words by the time you have finished the lesson.

Only after you have finished this particular module can you move on to the real lessons, which are the grammar and proper sentence structure lessons. The way the lessons are organized is great as you would be able to speed up through the boring grammar lessons due to the fact that you have already some impression of the common words and phrases that have been used during the first module. All of these would actually help you to absorb the Spanish language at a much faster rate and end up learning a lot faster.

MegaVocab and MegaAudio software

As anyone who has ever learnt a language properly in high school or college before, they would definitely agree that the hardest part of learning any particular language has got to be the vocabulary. This is because there is no simple way to learn the vocabulary other than wide reading and rote repetition and memorizing. With the MegaVocab software, you would be able to take the pain out of memorizing as this program would help you to visually connect the various Spanish phrases with their respective pictures. The best thing about this is that you can custom add any Spanish phrase or word that is not found in the software!

The MegaAudio software is also a great addition to learning the Spanish language as you would be required to listen to a particular piece of audio spoken in Spanish, and then decide what phrase or word it is by choosing the pictures that best suit it.

Upon purchasing the Rocket Spanish software, you will also gain access to a private students’ only forum, where you will be able to ask Spanish native speakers any kind of questions you might have.

Rocket Spanish Review – The Verdict

If you live in an Asian country, you would probably know that it is not that easy to look for a Spanish private tutor or to take up a Spanish private class, for the Spanish language is not as popular in these countries as compared to the Western countries. Therefore if you are looking to learn Spanish in these countries, Rocket Spanish has got to be definitely the next best choice!

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