Author: Rebecca Lumpkin

Petition To Grant Presidential Pardon To US Army Lieutenant Serving Life Sentence

This petition is to urge the Obama administration to exercise the power of presidential pardon by granting US Army Lieutenant Clint Lorance a second lease of life who is currently serving a twenty year prison sentence in Leavenworth prison.

The circumstances leading to his sentence was an action taken by the twenty eight years old Lieutenant who was leading his second patrol through a minefield in Afghanistan in July 2012. As they found three men speeding towards them on a motorcycle, he ordered fire on them, which resulted in wounding of one and killing of two. For this action he is now sentenced to prison for twenty years in Leavenworth prison.

His action was to protect his soldiers and not an unmindful act of aggression. He was performing his duty towards protecting his soldiers in enemy territory. The president needs to grant pardon in recognition of his duties as an army officer.

The best thing you can do for Army Lieutenant Clint Lorance is signing this petition and sharing it with your friends right now! Please do!

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