Author: Betty Flora

Help Snowden Return To His Country

This petition is to demand the Obama administration to let Edward Snowden to return to the United States without the fear of being imprisoned. His act has made the people to think about the truth regarding personal freedom and the interference made by the government in the life of people. The effort made by the National Security Agency for mass surveillance and data collection will remain as a black mark in the history. By not allowing Snowden to return to the country, the government cannot escape from the allegation that the officials have deliberately misused the law.

Any arguments against Snowden seem to be fallacious and weak. There is no point in arguing that the disclosure has affected the anti-terrorist activities and NSA was not able to provide any evidence regarding this. We consider Snowden as a voice of truth, freedom and liberty and he is a hero for many of the American citizens as he has sacrificed his citizenship, livelihood and his girlfriend just by being the whistleblower.

We need to take urgent action. Please sign this petition and share it with everyone!

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