Petition For Speedy Approval Of Life Saving Treatment For ALS

This is a petition to the Obama administration to request FDA to grant approval in a speedy manner for life saving treatments like GM604 which exists for the ALS condition.

About thirty thousand Americans and their families battle the condition of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or ALS. This is a terminal disease that rapidly progresses and there are no legal treatments available at present.

There are treatments possible for people with ALS or PALS starting with treatment using GM604. This petition is to urge the Obama administration to consider the case of PALS and give them a chance to help with legal access granted to GM604. With the government’s approval and FDA’s action, the legalized access to treatment for ALS using GM604 will provide PALS an opportunity to hope and to know that they tried their best to survive.
I, Michael Fulginiti along with the undersigned, request all to support our plea for legalizing treatment for ALS with FDA approval.

Help us win this fight please! We request you to sign and share this petition with as many people as you can.  Please!

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Petition To Award Medal Of Freedom To Four Ambushed Fire Fighters

We appeal to the Obama administration to award the Medal of Freedom to the four firefighters who were attacked and killed in response to a call for help at West Webster in 2012.

On Christmas Eve of 2012 four fire fighters responded to a call for assistance due to a house or vehicle fire at 5.30 am in the morning. At the scene they were ambushed by a gunman. Tomaz Kaczowka and Lt Mike Chiapperini died on the spot when they were shot by the gunman. The other firefighters, Theodore Scardino and Joseph Hofsetter were injured due to which they still need rehabilitation to get back to a normal course of life.

These brave men responded to a call for help and were ambushed by a coward who took advantage of the prompt assistance of the fire servicemen. For their sacrifices they need to be awarded the Medal of Freedom by the government.

Please sign this petition urgently! We need YOUR help asap. Sign and share this petition with as many people as possible!

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Petition To Grant Presidential Pardon To US Army Lieutenant Serving Life Sentence

This petition is to urge the Obama administration to exercise the power of presidential pardon by granting US Army Lieutenant Clint Lorance a second lease of life who is currently serving a twenty year prison sentence in Leavenworth prison.

The circumstances leading to his sentence was an action taken by the twenty eight years old Lieutenant who was leading his second patrol through a minefield in Afghanistan in July 2012. As they found three men speeding towards them on a motorcycle, he ordered fire on them, which resulted in wounding of one and killing of two. For this action he is now sentenced to prison for twenty years in Leavenworth prison.

His action was to protect his soldiers and not an unmindful act of aggression. He was performing his duty towards protecting his soldiers in enemy territory. The president needs to grant pardon in recognition of his duties as an army officer.

The best thing you can do for Army Lieutenant Clint Lorance is signing this petition and sharing it with your friends right now! Please do!

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Seeking Justice For Michael Brown

Michael Brown, an 18 year old unarmed black youth, was brutally shot dead by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9th, 2014. The police officer was Darren Wilson and he is still living his life freely, despite causing injustice to the black community in Ferguson. The grand jury has failed to charge Darren Wilson for his wrong doings because there was no concrete evidence against the police officer.

This petition is to awaken the Obama administration and to seek justice for the poor college-bound teenage boy Michael Brown and his family. This is also a petition to seek justice for hundreds of other black boys who have been killed or charged just because of the color of their skin. The legitimacy of the judicial system is in question here and this is why we are seeking a fair trial in this case. Darren Brown has committed a grievous crime and must be accounted for murdering Mike Brown.

Mike Brown needs justice! Please help us in this endeavor by signing and sharing this petition with your friends!

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Help Snowden Return To His Country

This petition is to demand the Obama administration to let Edward Snowden to return to the United States without the fear of being imprisoned. His act has made the people to think about the truth regarding personal freedom and the interference made by the government in the life of people. The effort made by the National Security Agency for mass surveillance and data collection will remain as a black mark in the history. By not allowing Snowden to return to the country, the government cannot escape from the allegation that the officials have deliberately misused the law.

Any arguments against Snowden seem to be fallacious and weak. There is no point in arguing that the disclosure has affected the anti-terrorist activities and NSA was not able to provide any evidence regarding this. We consider Snowden as a voice of truth, freedom and liberty and he is a hero for many of the American citizens as he has sacrificed his citizenship, livelihood and his girlfriend just by being the whistleblower.

We need to take urgent action. Please sign this petition and share it with everyone!

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